If you’re bored with your day job and craving a change of pace, a remote gig may be right up your alley. The current pandemic has made working from home the norm, and companies are opening up new positions frequently. There are a lot of countries that are allowing visitors even during the pandemic.



Get ready for life on the beach if you choose to work from Barbados. Here you’ll find beaches with pink sand where you can work from your laptop on the shore. Barbados gained a lot of publicity for offering a year-long stay to remote workers as long as they pass a COVID-19 test, can prove that they make at least $50,000, and are willing to pay the $2000 application fee for individuals or $3000 for families.



Another tropical oasis that will allow remote workers is Bermuda. Here you’ll find crystal clear waters that are perfect for an after-work dip. Workers must prove their source of income to work from Bermuda. Bermuda is also open to students who can confirm their enrollment. Any visiting person needs to pass a COVID-19 test.



Estonia is the perfect work spot for those who don’t need the beach to be happy. In Estonia, you’ll find cooler temperatures and the cost of living about 40% cheaper than living in the United States. To be eligible to live here, you’ll have to prove that you make approximately $4151 a month before taxes and pass a COVID-19 test. You’ll also need to quarantine for two weeks upon arrival in Estonia. One perk of this destination is that your visit includes 90 days of travel within Europe.



If you want to stay a little closer to the states, Mexico is a great option. They have a temporary resident visa that can be renewed for up to three years. While you’re in Mexico, you can enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine and even wander to nearby beaches in the gulf. You need to prove your source of income to work from Mexico as well.


Czech Republic

To visit the Czech Republic and work remotely, you’ll need to prove income, health insurance, and accommodations during your stay.