After months of being on lockdown and warmer weather approaching, many people are feeling the pull of travel. Unfortunately, with the entire world experiencing a global health crisis, there are few, if any, places to travel. This leaves many people wondering if they can travel at all, let alone where they can go. Here are three countries or regions that will be re-opening soon and when you might be able to start making travel plans.


  1. Germany: It is no secret that Germany fared far better during the early days of the pandemic than most other European countries. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that they may be one of the first countries to re-open to global tourism. They have already opened their border with Luxembourg and are likely to open their borders with France, Switzerland, and Austria soon. At the moment, foreign arrivals are still required to quarantine for 14 days after arrival, but Germany is hoping to allow international travel by the end of the summer.


  1. Mexico: The sunny beaches of Mexico are popular tourist destinations year-round. In fact, Mexico historically brings in more than $20 billion tourist dollars annually. Needless to say, that makes them eager to get their borders open and welcome tourists to bring in those dollars. While U.S. travel restrictions may keep Americans from enjoying the sunny shores of Mexico until the end of June, they may still be able to enjoy their vacation days south of the border.


  1. The Caribbean: Many popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean such as Turks and Caicos, Jamaica, and the Bahamas may be open as soon as July 1. This date is subject to change based on all health and safety guidelines. All hotels and travel hubs in the area are working hard to finalize all plans for re-opening. 


One thing to keep in mind about travel outside of the U.S., however, is that while borders may be open and countries may be accepting tourists soon, the U.S. passport office is still closed. In addition, once they do open back up, they will have a massive backlog of applications to begin processing. If you do not already hold a U.S. passport, you may want to keep your travel plans domestic this summer.