South America remains one of the most culturally, ecologically, and economically diverse spaces in the world.  Any world spanner could spend a lifetime’s worth of trips alone exploring this incredible continent full of life.  The convenience of it being a primarily Spanish speaking continent means not only a fully immersive experience to work on language skills, but it also opens you up to traveling the majority of the continent and being able to communicate with most of the citizens of any country you’re in.  Also with so many opportunities to explore outside of densely populated areas, South America presents a unique opportunity to travel in a post-covid world.


Untouched Natural History

Of course, there are plenty of incredible historical and natural monuments to find in all of South America, it’s biodiversity as a continent is unmatched.  But if you want to find a lesser-traveled destination look no further than Columbia’s Chiribiquete National Park.  Chiribiquete is being made available to tourists for the first time ever.  Deemed a UNESCO world heritage site in 2018, this incredible landscape features one of the world’s oldest rock formations (1.7 billion years old) and an unfathomable amount of tabletop mountains.  Truly one of the last unexplored destinations to those not native to the land, Chiribiquete presents an incredible opportunity to see sights that have been severely restricted for most of our time on earth.


Stay On The Move

If you want to see the entirety of a single country in one continuous trip, look no further than The Andean Explorer.  Guests of the Andean Explorer ride in luxury as their train traverses the Andean Planes of Peru.  Complete with suites, Peruvian cuisine, a spa, and an observation car; The Andean Explorer is a novel and unique way to see the indescribable landscapes Peru has to offer.  Oh, and of course their access to alpaca wool blankets.



Santiago, the capital of Chile, sits near the border of Argentina and is nicknamed “The City of The Island Hills”.  It’s time for a new nickname centered around the incredible food culture booming out of Santiago.  Boragó remains the hottest spot in town for the last half-decade if you’re looking to do something big, but there’s plenty of amazing food to find throughout the city.  Santiago specifically does a great job of collating food from all around Chile which can provide a variety of eating experiences seeing as the country has landscapes that range from frozen tundra to temperate forests.