When it comes to traveling overseas, many vacationers choose Spain as their destination. There are many compelling reasons to visit the country. The vast majority of tourists that visit are at least somewhat familiar with the language. They also have numerous attractions to visit during their stay.

Toledo, formerly the capital of Spain, is a hotspot among tourists. It is also referred to as the “City of Three Cultures.” Boasting Roman architecture and historical art pieces, the city is revered for its way of life. Its architecture includes mosques, cathedrals, and synagogues. Roman fortresses also make up the local landscape. The city is also known for its art scene, as it was where El Greco, a famous Spanish painter, made his home. In the landmarks and churches of the city lie many of his artistic creations. Aside from art galleries and museums, another notable attraction is the art collection at the Cathedral of Toledo. The collection includes pieces completed by Titian, and Goya, two master artists.

For a taste of history, many tourists visit Cordoba. Among Europe’s oldest towns, it features popular attractions such as the Old Jewish Quarter, Fortress of the Christian Monarchs, and Flowers’ Street. Its many plazas house cafes, restaurants, bars, and theaters. The central plaza of Cordoba is called Plaza de las Tendillas. This is where locals and tourists go to shop. Every May, the city holds several outdoor festivals. The most famous is the Cordoba Fair, along with the May Crosses, and Patios Festivals. Activities at these events include contests and flamenco dancing.

Valencia is located in Eastern Spain and is best known worldwide for its art scene and historic buildings. Some of the highlights include monasteries and churches. The Silk Exchange Market also attracts the attention of tourists. In addition, tourists often visit the City of Arts and Sciences. The complex houses art and science museums and an aquarium, IMAX theater, and planetarium. March is the best month to visit Valencia for its Fallas Festival. This event brings out locals to represent their neighborhoods. The week-long festival features paper mache figures created by the residents of the immediate area. The culmination of the event is community parties.