When deciding on a location to backpack through, Europe is the perfect place. It is filled with cities, villages, mountains, beaches, you name it. So many places are just as you imagined them to be, some even more beautiful than the pictures. No matter what you’re looking for while backpacking Europe has so much to offer for any type of traveler. Take a look at these tips for backpacking through Europe. 


Pick a Season

Before heading out on your adventure you should be sure of what season you want to travel in. Depending on the time of year you may want to travel to different destinations. If you want to go during the summer months then you should be sure to make your way to the Slovenian mountains as well as Baltic cities. You’ll be right on the coastlines and get the most out of the trip. One of the best times to go is during the autumn as tourists slowly stop coming and the cities begin to look nicer. Spain and Italy are great places to visit when there are fewer people visiting and more room and time for you to explore. 


Take the Train

Getting on a train to get to another city has always been the way to go. If you’re traveling for a long time this is the perfect time to get some sleep and save you money on a nightly stay somewhere. Trains in Europe are notorious for being very accessible and great for anyone on a budget. Always be on the lookout for prices online as they can often go down at any time. 


Plan Around an Event

Although there are not many large events going on right now, next time you go backpacking consider stopping at an event or festival that’s going on. Europe loves going all out for holidays, whether it may be St.Patrick’s Day in Ireland or Roskilde in Denmark, there are so many reasons to visit somewhere during a celebration. This is a great way to make memories that will last a lifetime. It’s also a great way to experience how other countries celebrate holidays differently than the United States.


Most importantly stay safe while backpacking in a place you’re not familiar with. Hold your personal belongings on you at all times and have a photocopy of your forms of identifications. Be cautious everywhere you go but don’t hold back too much when trying new things and meeting new people.