What better way to cool off on a hot summer’s day than to submerge yourself in a pool, a river, a lake, or the sea? Many destinations around the world provide the option to do so. These are not necessarily rural locations. Some of the most popular swimming hotspots are in or close to larger towns.


Aare River- Bern, Switzerland: The river flows around the Swiss city in a U-shaped formation and remains renowned for having crystal clear turquoise water. Swimming and other water sports are popular on the river during the summer. The water comes down from the mountains as glaciers melt, which makes the water refreshingly chilled. After a quick dip, consider venturing to the Gelateria di Berna, which lies across from the Marzili entrance. Indulge in a frosty treat to end the afternoon.


Boekenberg Swimming Pond-Antwerp, Belgium: This natural pond was later closed in, and accessories were added. But, the water still originates from a natural spring, and the native vegetation provides filtration. Entrance to Deurne’s Boekenberg Park and the pond is free. However, visitors may decide to use a few Euros for the lockers nearby. The park also features a playground, a historic castle ripe for exploration, and a cafe called The Park.


Hampstead Ponds-London, England: These three popular swimming ponds are scattered about the scenic Hampstead Heath. The Highgate Men’s Pond and the Kenwood Ladies’ Pond are situated on the eastern side just off West Hill Park. The mixed pond, popular with guests of all ages, lies in the southwestern region of the Heath off of East Heath Road. Sprawling green lawns and mature trees surround the picturesque areas. Changing areas are available, and lifeguards are on duty during the regular season. After a refreshing swim, consider stopping by the Parliament Hill Cafe for lunch or a quick snack.


St. James Pool-Cape Town, South Africa: The man-made tidal pool lies along the coast of False Bay. The train station and the main road are minutes from the sandy beach that borders the pool, which makes the location easily accessible. The waters are always calm and warm, which makes the spot ideal for young swimmers. The area also has colorful bathhouses and natural rock pools for curious youngsters to explore. Nearby, the Folk Cafe provides the chance to grab a bite to eat and a beverage. The venue also has a children’s play area.