Visiting national parks can be an exciting getaway for those who enjoy the outdoors. This is especially true in Canada, where there are many national parks worth visiting.


A popular attraction in Nova Scotia is Cape Breton Highlands, National Park. It’s known for its landscaping, which is said to be the best the country has. Though it has 26 trails for hiking, the most famous is Cabot Trail, which visitors can navigate in their cars. The Skyline Trail is well-liked by hikers, as the trail is long but easy to navigate on foot. Hikers exploring this trail will often see moose.


Newfoundland’s Gros Morne National Park is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Highlights of a visit to this park include spotting the Western Brook Pond Fjord. To get to it, visitors can take a boat and hike the rest of the way or hike the entire trail. Other hikes like the Tablelands put visitors next to the Earth’s mantle or take them up to the Gros Morne Mountain.


Alberto’s Jasper National Park is a UNESCO Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks World Heritage Site. This is the ideal park for those who enjoy spending time in the wilderness. All year long, there are a variety of trails visitors can choose to hike. Visitors often tour the park’s frozen ice canyon and go ice skating and cross-country skiing during the winter. In addition, Jasper is an excellent town for visitors to camp out in.


The Prince Edward Island National Park is known for attractions such as its beaches. It is the ideal park for families to visit because there are activities suitable for all ages. The park has many hiking trails, some of which are easy enough for children to navigate.


Quebec’s Forillon National Park is best known for its whale watching. Located along the Gulf of St. Lawrence, it’s also a popular spot for water activities such as paddle boarding, scuba diving, and snorkeling. Visitors can also go kayaking along Gaspe Bay.


Last but not least, the most popular national park in Alberta’s Banff National Park. As the country’s first, it boasts a view of the Rockies that visitors can experience by hiking to them or taking a guided horseback tour.