Finding the perfect holiday gift isn’t easy for anyone. Either you have no idea what to get or a lot of items are out of your budget. Now when shopping for a family member or friend who enjoys traveling, there’s a lot you can do. With the pandemic putting traveling on pause for some people, it would be nice to give them something they can use on their next trip. Here are some of the best gifts you can get for travelers this holiday season.


Vintage Desk Globe

Since it’s hard to travel right now, especially internationally, get your traveler a desk globe that can help inspire them for future trips. While spending more time working from home they’ll love this gift as a way to think about places they never even thought about going to before. 


Portable Luggage Scale

Lately, airlines have been charging more for overweight luggage than the price of the luggage itself. To help the traveler you’re shopping for to avoid extra baggage fees, give them a portable luggage scale.  Before checking in they can simply weigh their luggage and never have to worry while waiting in long lines to see if they went over the limit.


World Map Pinboard

A fun way to reminisce about your past travels is to pin the locations on a map. A world map pinboard is a great gift for travelers who have been all around the world to different countries. This also makes for great wall decor that can start up conversations when having guests over. If you’re having a hard time picking out the next destination just look for some areas on your map that are looking a little empty.


Portable Charger

When on an adventure while traveling people are normally using their phone and cameras to take more pictures than usual for memories. Consider buying your traveler a portable charger that they can keep on them at all times. The last thing anyone wants is to run out of battery in a place they’re not familiar with. 


Travel Hammock

A travel hammock that fits perfectly in your backpack is a great gift for travelers who enjoy going on adventures. While taking a break on a long hike all they have to do is tie it up to two trees and be all set. If the traveler enjoys long walks on the beach then this would be perfect for them to set up shop and watch a beautiful sunset. This is the perfect gift for anyone who just wants to sit back and relax at times.