Backpacking around the U.S. is an experience many travelers find to be invaluable. While there are many places to go backpacking, some are naturally better than others.


In Northern California, a popular choice is The Lost Coast Trail. At 24-miles, the trail takes between two and four days to complete. This trail lines the King Range National Conservation Area. With rocky terrain, the route is shorter than many others but harder for many visitors to end. To complete this trail, everyone making the trip must first obtain an overnight permit issued by the Bureau of Land Management.


Less experienced backpackers often prefer Washington state’s Olympic National Park for its North Coast Route. The trail is 20-miles long and offers unforgettable views of the sea beyond. Its flat shoreline makes this trail-less demanding than many others. Backpackers often take this trail to work on increasing the length of time they can help while steadily. Along the way, backpackers are urged to look out for the many tidepools that line the trail.


Another popular backpacking trip is Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains National Park for the Mount Sterling Loop Trail. This 28-mile trail is not the easiest or most difficult to hike. It starts in North Carolina at the Low Gap trailhead and takes hikers through forests into Tennessee. The trail includes the Big Creek and Mount Sterling’s summit. The summit is the site of a 1930s fire tower, which offers up stunning mountain views. After passing this part of the trail, backpackers go on to make a circular trip around the mountain before ending up back at the Low Gap Trailhead, where it starts. Those who wish to camp along the trail must obtain a permit to do so.


Oregon’s Mount Hood National Forest boasts the 38-mile Timberline Trail. The trail forms a circle around Mount Hood, which is among the Seven Wonders. Backpackers begin hiking the course at its on-site lodge and can choose to go west or east. This hike takes four to five days and is elevated 9,000 feet from the ground. Hikers are advised against traveling this trail during inclement weather, as it can prove dangerous for those who aren’t experienced.