All travel is exciting, but the thought of traveling solo has a particularly adventurous bent.  If you’re feeling unsure about why or how to travel solo that’s completely understandable.  When you’re alone with nothing but yourself to rely on it can be invigorating and intimidating.  Exploring alone is a tall order especially if you want to travel internationally.  Still, it’s such a rewarding process it’s worth considering doing at some point and if you are interested here’s some basic info that can give you a sense of the benefit and pitfalls of solo travel



For most travelers cost is always paramount when considering where to explore.  Traveling solo provides some unique opportunities to cut costs.  Hostels or dorms are cheaper than hotels if you’re looking for solo rooming. Often if your patient you can find deals especially from airlines looking to fill flights on standby.


However, it is also pretty obvious that two people can split the cost of more expensive items you wouldn’t necessarily be able to afford on your own.  Large meals especially become more viable the more people you’re traveling alongside.


Personal Growth

Solo travel is a tremendous chance for personal growth.  When you’re alone you have great opportunities to engage with new communities, especially when staying in more communal living spaces.  Taking insights and sounds is only half the fun of traveling, meeting people, and immersing in a new culture is the other half.  Traveling solo forces immersion which affords a deeper connection to the space you’re visiting.

The flip side: if you are shy or struggle with social anxiety this can actually be a very isolating experience.  Similarly, if new spaces feel threatening to you without the comfort of someone you know, that can also be a really alienating experience that defeats the purpose of the trip.  If you have a hard time connecting with people swiftly then traveling solo might not be the best option for you.


No Fighting or Compromising Over Activities

This one may seem obvious, but when traveling alone means you completely get to dictate the schedule.  You don’t have to worry about different sleep schedules, different food tastes, or different cultural interests.  You especially don’t have to worry about whether the person you’re with is enjoying themselves, the only joy you have to focus on is your own.  

Traveling by yourself though means you’re also limited by your own blindspots.  When you travel with a friend or even a stranger, they are going to bring a unique perspective to what’s around you.  They may introduce you to an experience you didn’t know you’d enjoy.  Always remember that there are things you don’t know you like yet, and traveling with a partner can be a great way to introduce yourself to something novel.