Odds are you have been to a hotel where you received less than satisfactory service. Not only did it make you angry, it possibly could have ruined your trip. A lot hotel owners (myself, Steve Farzam, included) do not teach their workers how to treat hotel guests properly, and this is very unfortunate.

Whether you are an owner (Steve Farzam) or a worker, the following guide will show you how you can treat your hotel guests better. If done right, it can have a very positive impact on your business. If done wrong, you can kiss goodbye to your hotel, as the talk will spread fast that you do not treat guests right.


This is something that I (Steve Farzam) think everyone forgets to do it at times. While it is not always needed when working, it defiantly is in the prescene of guests. A simple smile and hello can go a long way towards hotel guests.

Think about it from the customers standpoint. They just paid a couple of thousands of dollars and flew half way across the country, and the first thing they see when they arrive at the hotel is a clerk who does not smile when greeting them.

This is more of a psychological thing than anything else. It might not make the guest mad, but it just sets the tone for the rest of the stay. A smile can result in a lot of positive things. A guest could leave a nice tip, a good review, or even book another stay for the next year before they even leave.

When I (Steve Farzam) teach owners how to treat hotel guests properly, this is one of the main things I tell them that they can start doing today to help their business. Make sure employees are always smiling.

Over Deliver

By this I (Steve Farzam) do not mean upgrade them to the master suite for free. That would just be silly, this is more of the little things. If they booked a room that is facing the back alley and you have a beach view room available, offer them the upgrade for free or for a discount. You would be amazed what this does to customers. They will not only have a better vacation, but if they do come back, they will stay with you again.


Imagine the business you would get if someone left a Yelp review saying that you upgraded their room for free upon checkin. You would be the number one pick for anyone coming into town. Little things like this go a long way.


The Customer is Always Right, Most of the Time

To be honest, I dislike the quote “the customer is always right”. Why? Because it is not true.

Customers understand that staff is trained to treat them like this, and sometimes tend to take advantage of this. Teach your staff when the customer is right, and when they are just trying to get something free.


Learning how to treat hotel guests properly can go a long way. It is a good practice to have and will help your business grow and prosper.