Many tourists know France for its beautiful cities and Mediterranean beaches. What they must not forget about is the delicious dishes you can find along the way. From a simple baguette crème brulée, French food has this way of feeling like a gourmet meal no matter the occasion. Here are some foods you should try while visiting France.


Fresh Baguette 

By far the most iconic French food no matter who you ask. This bread pairs great with a fresh French cheese such as brie. The French love this bread so much that they have an annual best baguette competition in Paris.


Quenelles de Brochet

This dish is very similar to dumplings as it consists of creamed fish, butter, and bread crumbs. Many people top off this light dish with a rich lobster sauce. You can find this dish all over, but note that it is a specialty in the third-largest city of Lyon.



If you enjoy eating stews but do not eat meat, then this dish is perfect for you. Ratatouille is made up of delicious vegetables such as mushrooms, eggplant, and zucchini. Stop by the city of Nice right on the coast of the Mediterranean for a delicious plate.


Bœuf Bourguignon

This traditional hearty French stew from the Burgundy region of France. The stew is made up of beef, vegetables, garlic, and some red wine to top it off. A fresh baguette on the side would make a perfect match. 


Tarte Tatin

This dessert may sound very similar to some people. It’s an upside-down tarte that is topped with fruit, in most cases apples. The fruit is caramelized in sugar and butter before being baked in the oven. 



A very popular dish that has made its way to American cafes and restaurants should be eaten in its place of origin. You can find many crêpe trucks while walking the streets of Paris but expect to wait in a line. Crêpes in France come in savory flavors but they’re more than often sweet is the way to go. 



Originated from Nice, this simple pancake is made with chickpea flour and olive oil. It can be seasoned however you may like and eaten hot by hand. This is a perfect substitute for a baguette while eating a popular stew.


Boudin Noir

Translated to blood sausage, this dish is a traditional French cuisine. The sausage contains pig blood and can either be eaten alone or with a side such as vegetables or potatoes. This is a great pick for all of the meat-eaters out there.