Going to a destination in a faraway place can be a once in a lifetime trip or a regular occurrence for a seasoned traveler. Although there are plenty of sights to experience at the destination, getting there can be a trip in itself. International flights can be physically and emotionally taxing. There are many things travelers can do to alleviate some of the discomforts of flying to arrive refreshed. Here are a few top remedies to keep in mind that can increase comfort on long-haul international flights.


Hydration – Any air travel can lead to dehydration, but long international flights can especially wreak havoc. The air on planes lack adequate moisture, and the high altitude can lead to dehydration. Dehydration causes headaches, nausea, and worsening jet lag upon arrival. Travelers should skip sodas, caffeinated beverages, and alcohol on flights. Instead, it is best to stick to drinking plenty of water.

Facial Routine – Long international flights take a lot out of the skin. Flying can make skin lose its luster and cause blotchy spots. Your face is especially at risk as it is often more sensitive. To keep comfortable and arrive refreshed, it’s important to use a moisturizing facial mask or cream. Face masks that are for overnight use can provide moisture throughout the flight. Even applying moisturizer or eye cream during the flight can keep skin from tightening and feeling flushed or dry.

Snacks – Food on an airplane is typically not very flavorful or healthy. Buying snacks on a flight can also cost a lot of money. Instead, packing extra snacks in carry-on luggage can settle those long-flight cravings. To pass through security, food should be prepackaged and devoid of liquids. Snack packs of vegetables, fruits, and granola bars are great ways to stay full and healthy on the airplane.

Sleep Accessories – Getting some sleep on a long flight can be difficult with an uncomfortable chair, lighting, and a loud seat mate. Bringing a neck pillow and a travel blanket can make resting more comfortable. Items such as a sleep mask and earplugs aid in drowning out any external noises and block out light.


It’s exciting to take an international trip, but long international flights can create discomfort. There are ways to make the trip more enjoyable. Taking some time to plan out and pack with the above tips in mind can help ease your discomfort greatly.