Backpacking is an excellent way to get some fresh air and exercise. However, if a person has never gone on a backpacking trip, they probably won’t know which items are best to bring. By carrying essential items, it lightens the load that a person will have to carry and ensures that they’ll have a great time.

Choosing A Bag

A sturdy waterproof backpack is one of the essential items that a person will need when backpacking. It’s best to choose one with durable material so that it holds up during the trip. It’s also advantageous to use a backpack that has hidden pockets. This way an individual can stowaway vital possessions such as money or their passport.

Clothing And Shoes

One of the best ways to keep a person’s backpack light is only to bring two sets of clothing. One can be carried while the other is worn. After the worn one is soiled, it should be washed at night and carried the next day.

For long backpacking trips, a person may want to take more than two sets of clothing. These should have similar colors so that they match when worn together. A person should avoid political or religious messages, and wrinkle-free clothing will look best straight out of the bag.

When traveling to a country in a tropical region, lightweight clothing should be taken. It fits best in the bag when it is rolled and not folded.

A good pair of waterproof walking shoes will ensure that a person’s feet stay dry, relaxed and ready for the next hike.

Medication And First Aid

At a minimum, a basic first aid kit should be packed in case anything goes wrong. This should include items such as sterile gauze pads, alcohol prep pads, Band-Aids, tweezers, and a digital thermometer.

Additional items can also be taken. Imodium and Benadryl pills will come in handy if someone has an allergic reaction or an upset stomach. In the end, the contents that are added to the bag will have to be determined by the hiker who has to carry them.

As for toiletries, it’s best if a person sticks with just a toothbrush. Anything else will only add more weight

Bringing Electronics

Bringing electronic gadgets is probably not a good idea. The purpose of backpacking is to enjoy nature. They would probably be a target for a thief, and who wants to stress over that?

Summing It Up

One of the critical ways to enjoy a backpacking trip is to pack light and only carry the essentials. With a sturdy bag and the right clothing, a person should enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.