A short layover might sound preferable to a long one, but it’s easy to miss your connection if you don’t have enough time. Use these tips to make sure you make your flight


Choose The Right Seat

Choose an aisle seat near the front of the plane. Not only will you be able to disembark before other passengers, but these seats fill later than those at the rear of the plan. Check in with a person rather than using a kiosk if you want to get a specific seat.


Wear Comfortable Shoes

Although some people prefer to dress nicely for travel, uncomfortable shoes (including high heels or shoes that aren’t broken in) could slow you down and make it harder to catch your next flight on time.


Study the Airport Beforehand

Any downtime or when you’re waiting, such as standing in line or waiting to disembark, can be used to study a map of your destination airport. Many airplane magazines include a map. You can save time when you know where you’re going, and you might even be able to find a shortcut and avoid foot traffic if you’re familiar with the airport.


Skip Checking a Bag

Traveling light means you don’t have to wait for luggage to come down that conveyor belt. Instead, you can head to the gate to make your next flight, perhaps with a few spare minutes. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the airline losing your luggage if it’s always on your person.


Manage Your Time

You might not have time to stop for a snack or use the bathroom. Pack a snack that you can enjoy on the plane, and use vending machines for drinks rather than shops or restaurants. If you can arrive early to your first flight, you might have time to purchase snacks and drinks that you can carry with you on all your connections.


Get Help from Flight Attendants

Flight attendants may be able to switch your seat to one that’s at the front of the plane. They can also tell you which gate you need to make your connecting flight.


Of course, sometimes you simply have to book another flight if it’s impossible to make your connection.