We love our vacation time. Yet, some of us get really stressed out planning a trip to a new or interesting place to visit. We are already so busy enough with our careers. It can be a lot of work to book the right vacation yourself online.

Then, you have to pack with TSA regulations in mind. You need to get your travel documents in order, including passports, visas, and security clearances. You may need to get vaccinations if you are traveling to a vulnerable destination. The actual travel can also be exhausting. 

This brings me to 5 reasons to try a staycation. 


  1. You can Save a Lot of Money: With travel, lodging, meals, and entertainment, a vacation can average $1200 per person, depending on your destination. This can really add up for a family of 4. By staying local, you can skip the travel and lodging costs. You may want to use your vacation food and entertainment budget to treat yourself to some great local restaurants and venues, such as museums and concerts.


  1. No Planning Required: One of the most stressful parts of a vacation is the research and planning process. That can be a lot of frustrating time and perhaps too much haggling and searching for deals. Just Google your town or state, and you will find so many things to do that you might not have even known about. This can be very exciting and educational.


  1. Avoid the Packing: Packing has become a real skill these days, especially if you are flying to your destination. No matter your means of transportation, space is always at a premium. How nice would it be to skip this chore by vacationing in place entirely? Keeping a list of your list can take a while to compile. It often involves a trip to the drug store to get travel-size toiletries and to refill prescriptions. It also means backing up all of my data in case Something happens to your phone or tablet. And, then, you have to find the chargers for all of your tech to bring along.


  1. You Don’t Have to Board your Pet: If you can’t travel with your pet, you will need to find a really good friend who will take in Fido, or invest in a kennel or cat residence. These institutions are not inexpensive. And, most require that you take costly precautions, such as updated vaccines and shots for kennel cough.


  1. You can Sleep in and Wear Comfy Clothes: This is one of the best reasons to take a staycation. You don’t have to set an alarm. You don’t have to get dressed for work. In fact, you and your family can declare a pajama day and hang out in PJs or sweats watching movies and getting food delivery without guilt.


Bottom Line


A staycation can be a very rewarding and relaxing experience. However, it is important that you let your boss, co-workers, and clients know that you are on vacation and unavailable. Do not take business calls or answer work-related emails. Turn your phone off, if possible. Most of all, enjoy your downtime.