So far we’ve explored, Lake Garda, Italy, Galapagos Island, Ecuador, and Catalonia, Spain. Here are a few other eco-friendly destinations you should consider exploring!

Destination 4: Arosa, Switzerland

Arosa, located in Eastern Switzerland, is traditionally known as a winter resort and sports destination. However, there are plenty of things to do in this small village town in the summertime as well.

Arosa stretches across a valley and contains two small lakes where visitors can go fishing, swimming, and boating during the Summer months.

Still, the village is ideally suited for winter sports, especially skiing, as it resides at an elevation of 5,689 feet (1,734 meters) and links several ski runs together through a network of ski lifts.

This popular winter location does not just provide activities, amenities, and services for skiers. It also offers many opportunities for lovers of ice skating and hockey as well. It even sports ice and snow horse-racing events for those who desire to go to the race track after finishing their day on the slopes!

This alpine resort village should not only be seen as a haven for winter sports enthusiasts since it takes its environmental conservation very seriously. In other words, it is also a well-suited travel destination for environmentally-conscious travelers who wish to view the beauty of Swiss mountain ranges during both the winter and summer months.

One of its most fantastic conservation programs includes a hotely that runs on an “ice-battery”!

Other features of Arosa’s eco-friendly environment include: Electric Car Charging Areas/Resources, Recycling, and Multiple Energy Conservation Activities.

Arosa’s dedication to preserving its surrounding environment has earned it Alpine Pearl status, a recognition given to those areas and communities that do their best to support eco-conscious activities while maintaining sustainable tourism accommodations and activities.


Destination 5: Costa Rica

Believe it or not, Costa Rica has one of the oldest forms of democracies in all of the Americas. Its openness to compromise and human rights makes it an ideal travel destination for tourists who wish to visit the many wonders within Central America without having to worry about some of the past dangers associated with it.

Asides from its worry-free travel atmosphere, the country contains a plethora of natural attractions such as volcanoes, forests, beaches, and various wildlife.

Tourists of all temperaments and budgets can find locations and activities somewhere within the country that is in-tune with their particular desires.

Surfers can enjoy the beaches, luxury travelers will enjoy the elegant hotels and museums, and backpackers can hike through the coastal villages and cloud forests that are scattered throughout the length and breadth of the country.

As Costa Rica has many natural landmarks and historical sites, it is very conscious about keeping its natural landscapes as natural as pollution-free as possible.

Costa Rica is putting tremendous efforts to become the world’s very first carbon-neutral country by 2021.

Some of the main eco-friendly features found in Costa Rica include: Renewable Energy (electricity comes from renewable resources) and Renewable Coffee Waste (used to power combustion engines).

Costa Rica’s environmental conservation efforts have been so vast that the former president of the country, Luis Guillermo Solis, was appointed as special ambassador by the UN to its World Tourism Organization.


Final Thoughts

World tourists do not have to contribute to environmental pollution or landmark desecration during their travels as there are many cities and even countries across the globe that work very hard to preserve their natural state of being.

The great thing about such places is that while doing so, they continue to offer the same luxury, activities, and landscapes that have made them an ideal holiday and travel destinations in the past.

The above list showcases five major destinations residing in Europe, Central America, and South America (Pacific Ocean). They are renowned for their efforts to keep the environment as eco-friendly as possible. Additionally, they are ideal for environmentally-conscious travelers who like to relax and have fun while helping the planet at the same time.